About Us

Systron Technic Engineering is your provider of quality and reliable solution for the installation of fire extinguisher to the most sophisticated engineered systems. We provide a full set up support in all the products we offer.Our company is backed with highly trained and certified technicians who can outstandingly perform installations as needed by the clients. We see to it that all installations are excellently done to meet client’s expectations and demands. Our experts make sure that valued clients received only top quality products and services.We pride ourselves with the incomparable workflow we have, this involves a detailed and strategic work procedures which results to reliable and efficient results. Here in Systron Technic Engineering, we strongly believe in business growth and consistency. Our motivated and right attitude has guided us to focus on bringing out the best possible solutions when it comes to any engineering systems.Our products which include varieties of fire protection equipment and systems are made of tough and rugged materials to suit numerous applications and meet optimum safety and security requirements to prevent fire. We aim to provide excellent service to our valued customers and continually discover new ideas to make our products and services better.To know more about our products and services, simply contact our team or send your inquiries below.

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