HSSD/ Vesda System is an early warning smoke detection solution. This smoke detector system, will give people the quickest and earliest possible warning of an imminent fire hazard. Injuries, damage of properties and lost of business can now be highly prevented with the use of HSSD/ Vesda System.

It has a smoke detection system solution that features the present industry’s multi level warnings and widest sensitivity range, wherein the smallest level of smoke can be quickly detected even before the rise or outbreak of fire.

This type of smoke detectors can be arranged by generating multiple alarms within initial stage. It provides an efficient and reliable communication to fire alarm control panels, building management system or software management system through High Level Interface (HLI) or relays.

Key Specifications/Special Features:

  • Has an effective aspirator which works by continuously drawing air into a distributed pipe networks
  • Incorporated with a dual stage filter that removes dust and dirt to provide an additional clean air supply keeping the detector’s optical surface free from contamination
  • Equipped with a laser detection chamber
  • Long term of detector life
  • Designed with a calibrated detection chamber where air sample is exposed to laser light source
  • Structured with a bar graph display where signal is processed and presented


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