Wet Chemical System

Wet Chemical Fire Suppression System is a commonly used to prevent major fire damage from happening in any commercial cooking areas or restaurant businesses. It utilizes wet agents such as potassium carbonate solution which discharge fine droplets into the area to suppress the fire.

It is proven to effectively work on commercial cooking fires due to the liquid sprays that hit the burning surface and quickly reacts with oils and fats to produce foam that helps cool down the surface rapidly to prevent re-igniting of fire.

Our wet chemical fire suppression agent complies with the standards for wet chemical extinguishing system and standard for ventilation control and fire protection for chemical cooking operations.

Key Specifications/Special Features:

  • Ideally suit the demands of today’s busy catering facilities
  • Fine spray discharge prevent harmful splash of hot grease or thermal shock damage
  • Re-ignition is prevented by saponification property
  • Ease of design and installation
  • Can be quickly cleaned up
  • May be controlled manually or automatically or through electrical equipment or mechanical fuse link


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