Fire Alarm Detection System

Fire Alarm & Detection System is designed to effectively detect unwanted fire incident by strictly examining the changes in the environment which are connected with combustion. The fire alarm may be classified as either automatically actuated, manually actuated or can be both.

The main advantage of our Fire Alarm & Detection System is alerting building employees or occupants to vacate their places in times of fire emergency. This fire system can also be used as an information device to report the fire incident in any off-premises location in order to call for emergency services and prepare linked systems to control the smoke and fire from spreading.

Our fire alarm system may include fire safety control devices, wiring & power supplies, Detectors, PA Systems, alarm bells, control units, manual call points and control units.

We are well-experienced and knowledgeable in the installation as well as maintenance of Fire Alarm & Detection System of numerous brands and models.  We can handle necessary installations or modifications to existing system, depending on the client’s requirements and specifications.

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